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June 20, 2017

Today…Choose Your Words Carefully (they will determine whether you ever succeed or not)

words and success

June 13, 2017

Today…Just as You Have to Adjust the Sails to Move in the Direction You Want to Go, You Need to Adjust Your Attitude to Get the Right Things Done…Make a Shift


May 8, 2017

Today…Make an Exchange ;)

toxic peeps

April 9, 2017

Today…Change Your Words and You Can Change Your Outcomes

words and success

April 5, 2017

Today…Recognize the Positive Patterns in Your Life and Keep Moving With Them!

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you're getting closer

March 31, 2017

Today…Take That Box Out With the Rest of the Trash

no box

March 25, 2017

Today…Say “Bye” to Someone Who No Longer Deserves Your Time and Effort


March 11, 2017

Today…Dump Someone Who is a Constant Burden on Your Mental Wellbeing


March 2, 2017

Today…Stop Thinking About Why Something Won’t Work and Find a Way it Will Work


January 23, 2017

Today…Be Aware of Who is in Your Life For Specific Reasons (and let someone off of your bus if the lesson has been learned)


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