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September 25, 2017

Today…Make Sure You Are Heading in the Direction in Which YOU Want to Be Heading (heading someplace else is a big waste of time and energy)

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Yogi on clarity

November 9, 2016

Today…Keep it Real


May 9, 2016

Today…Make Sure You Have Good Information (you cannot make good decisions without good information!)

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decision sign

June 1, 2015

Today…5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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1. Write it Down – Why would you even try to keep all of that stuff up in your head?!  Loosen the load between your ears instantly with a simple little notepad.

2. Always Add More Time – Whenever you are estimating time for anything, whether it is running an errand, doing a project, or working on a craft with your kids, schedule more time than you think you will need.  So much of our stress comes from rushing.  So much rushing comes from not scheduling enough time to realistically get things done.  An extra 10-15 minutes added to activities in your life will drop your stress levels immensely!

3. “Bunch” Activities – When you have similar activities to do, for example phone calls, emails, or errands, “bunch” them together.  When you sit down at the phone (do we actually SIT down at the phone any more?), make the 6 calls you need to make.  When you sit down at your computer, write the emails you need to write and send them…then, while you are there, go through any new emails.  When you are running errands, take a moment (it only takes a moment!) to go through your route.  Where does it make sense to go first, second, third?  A little thinking ahead will save you lots of time back-tracking later.

4. Use Your Search Tool in Email – So often, there is an email that I know I received or sent and I want to pull up again.  Instead of spending time scrolling and looking for it, type in the person’s name or a word in the subject line/body of the email in “search.”  We spend a lot of time scrolling emails.  Not only does that waste time, but you are almost guaranteed to find other emails while scrolling that will immediately get you off-task.  Focus on the one thing you are doing and do it.

5. Get Clarity – You will never solve a problem, fix something that is broken, or find a solution with flawed, incomplete, or rushed thinking.  If you luck out and DO, you will probably have wasted enough time and energy to have completed the rest of your to-do list for the day, instead of just that one thing!  Never try to solve a problem until it is clearly defined.  Get clarity, take action, get a result…in THAT order.

Happy Simplifying!

November 3, 2014

Today…Show Up in a Way That Truly Matches Your Intentions (or don’t be confused why people are confused by you)

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January 13, 2014

Today…Dump the Minutia!

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Today...Dump the Minutia!

Too often, when we approach anything, our autopilot reaction is to make the situation at hand a lot bigger than it actually is. We “what if” it to death. But notice, we never ANSWER the “what if;” we just ask it. That default makes it feel as if the situation is a big deal and out of hand before we have even started thinking about it! STOP…THINK. Any time you run into something about which you need to make a decision, stop and ask yourself this question; “what am I trying to do.” When you simply stop your spiraling thinking and make yourself see WHY you are thinking about the situation at hand, you are quickly able to throw all of the minutia off the table and get to the point. We do not “get to the point” in our culture. We belabor everything to the point of confusion. Get rid of the belaboring and you get rid of the confusion.
Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results!

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