Robin Sacks' 1 Minute Mindset

October 2, 2017

Today…Choose to Make Productive Use of Your Time (and watch how fast the things you choose to focus on begin to come to life!)



September 28, 2017

Today…Become Aware of the Conversation in Your Head and Change the Script if Needed!

between your ears

September 25, 2017

Today…Make Sure You Are Heading in the Direction in Which YOU Want to Be Heading (heading someplace else is a big waste of time and energy)

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Yogi on clarity

September 18, 2017

Today…Be Careful What You Are Saying to Yourself (because you are listening!)

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your words

August 11, 2017

Today…Try Doing Instead of Labeling (and see how much gets done!)

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August 8, 2017

Today…Make Sure You are Standing Up for Something

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August 4, 2017

Today…Go be Different!


August 1, 2017

Today…Stop Making Your Life More Difficult Than it Needs to Be


July 27, 2017

Today…Check Your Habits (If you only do something once in a while, do not complain that you only get results once in a while)

Habit Matters

July 26, 2017

Today…Find the Humor in the Stress (spoiler alert…it is always there if you look for it!)


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