Robin Sacks' 1 Minute Mindset

February 3, 2016

Today…Be More Aware

Other Ways of SeeingAs someone who spends her days observing human behavior, to be both entertained and inspired, I often marvel at the lack of awareness that we all possess when we are seeking something.  It is mind-boggling how many times we are so busy looking outside of ourselves for answers that we miss the obvious cure sitting right next to us;  or how often we can walk another person through their problem and advise them exactly what to do, but when we look in the mirror, we are at a total loss.

I heard a wonderful story years ago that does a great job of illustrating this…and it goes something like this:

A town is hit hard with a horrible flood.  One man climbs to the top of his house to escape the rising waters.  Another man in a small boat drifts by and offers the man on the roof, let’s call him Joe to make the story less wordy, if he (Joe) would like to get in and be taken to safety.  Joe declares that he is an extremely devout man and he is going to wait right there on his roof because God will save him.  The man in the boat drifts away.

The next day, the boat-man returns and again offers Joe a lift to safety.  Even know the water is now up to the tops of the windows, Joe again refuses the ride to safety claiming God will be his savior.

On the third day, the water has reached the roof gables and, although Joe’s feet are submerged in the water, he again refuses the boat ride.  The man in the boat exclaims “you know you’re going to die there,” but Joe reiterates that his Lord will protect and save him.

The forth day comes, the boat drifts by, the house is totally submerged in water, and there is no Joe.  As Joe approaches the gates to heaven, he sees God.  Joe walks over and says, “God.  I have been a religious man all my life, speaking only your word.  Why did you not save me?”  And God says, “Joe, I sent the boat for you three times!”

The moral of the story?  Don’t ever expect anything, because if you do not know what you are looking for, you will surely miss it.  Instead, concentrate on recognizing something when it gets to you.  Here’s to constant awareness…



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