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September 3, 2014

Words to Get OUT of Your Vocabulary…TODAY!

Filed under: Look in the Mirror,Stress Management,Take Control — Robin Sacks...Confidence Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author @ 12:25 pm

If I asked you what the most detrimental words you use are, what would you say?  I am not talking about “bad” words or lies, necessarily.  I am referring to words you tell yourself…that completely derail you on a regular basis.  At the top of this list are the biggies like “should” and “can’t.”  These are words that, no matter how you contextualize them, they suck energy out of you and remind you that you are not “up to the task.”  When used on auto-pilot (you don’t even know you keep saying them to yourself), these words can create a torrent of low self-esteem.  How?  Because every utterance of “I should do that” or ” I can’t do that” tells you that, instead of JUST DOING IT, you are making an excuse because you believe you are unable to or not smart enough or too weak or incapable of doing what you talking or thinking about.

The funny part is that, more often than not, you are taking 10 times the amount of time talking about or thinking about not doing something that, if you just went and tried it, it would be accomplished!

Start to become aware of what those words are for you.  Find words to replace those derailing words with more positive ones.  For example, instead of “I can’t” you might say “I’ll try.”  It’s that simple.  Stop thinking, stop talking, and just DO.

Today…become mindful of words that you are saying to yourself that are “getting in your way.”  You might be surprised at how often you use them…and how, getting them out of your vocabulary, will get you moving forward quickly!

What are YOUR derailing words?


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