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July 28, 2014

2 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life TODAY

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How many people do you know, including yourself, that are truly happy? Define happy? OK. Happy is simply enjoying your life. That’s all happy is! Helping other people. Not being a glutton. Having things you enjoy because you enjoy them (not because you want to show somebody else that you have them). So much of what we do these days that we think makes us “happy”… house, cars, clothing, lifestyle… marketers have created. The image is “if you wear this watch or own this TV or use this cell phone you will be happy.” Best Buy created an entire campaign that talks about buying electronics at their store and the slogan is “you… happier.” It is all about acquiring the latest thing.

So… how do you go from 60 to 0 and still be “happy.” How do you switch gears and figure out WHAT it is you truly want and WHY you want it? You do it by getting rid of the “clutter,” both physical and mental.

Here are 2 ways to begin de-cluttering your life (by de-cluttering your mind) TODAY:

1. Tune out!

I am going to argue that the best way to start de-cluttering your mind is to turn off the television set. If it is on television, there is a 90% change it is depressing. I welcome you to challenge this on any given night and any given time. The same goes for radio talk shows. Stop listening! Talk about irate! How many people listen to talk radio and sit there and argue with the radio! How obnoxious is that? Like you do not have enough chaos in your life? Let’s just create some. I do not have enough stress in my life… let me just seek some out. Why do we look for opportunities to make ourselves mad? It is something about the society in which we live. If we are not stressed, if there is not chaos or despair, if we cannot be a martyr about something, we are not happy for some reason. Stop that!

2. To Have and To Hoard!

This can be easily illustrated by taking a look at the deaths of an elderly generation. Seeing a family go through a house and personal belongings makes you realize that there are things that meant so much to people a couple of generations ago that have little or no meaning to a more current generation. Things like china and “the good silver” mean nothing to my generation. It is nice to have something that belonged to my grandmother or grandfather or someone who meant something to me, of course. But, it is more important to me to keep the memories and “ditch the stuff.” If you are keeping things for the wrong reasons (for example, “I can’t throw that out, it was my grandmother’s” instead of “that is important to me because there is a wonderful memory about my grandmother attached to it”), then it is festering. Deep down, that stuff is a burden to you and to the memory of someone you loved. The memories are important, the basement full of “stuff” you will never use is not. Imagine if you could get some of that “stuff” in to the hands of someone who could create their own important memories with it. That is empowering.

HERE IS another way to get clarity,take action, and be happy. Enjoy!


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