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July 2, 2014

3 Ways to Find 3 Lost Hours Every Week!

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When you stop to realize that the reason we become hamsters on the proverbial wheel is that we do the same things as everyone else does, at the same times that everyone else does, every single day of our lives. Ranging from last-minute holiday shopping to leaving the house late, we are a culture of procrastinators. That is exactly what causes the vast majority of our stress.

Think about that. The things we choose to do are the very things that frustrate the heck out of us! The key word here is “choose.” The simple question is, why do we do it to ourselves? Why are you creating your own stress? Do you not have enough without creating some more?

The great thing about that is that you have total control over changing it. You are the one creating the stress and frustration, so you are the only one who can do something about it. Pretty cool, no?

How do you “flip the switch?”

Here are 3 easy things I started doing that net me a collective 2-4 hours a week of what I simply call “found time:”

1. At the end of every day, take 5 minutes to put together all of the things you will need for the next day. This seems like common sense, but how often do you find yourself scrambling for your keys, your phone, your calendar, the information you need for the meeting in an hour? By spending five minutes the night before, you can save 15 minutes every morning, not to mention avoid starting off your day running around like the proverbial chicken with his head cut off.

2. Do your holiday shopping during 10 months of the year. Think that gives you enough time? Avoid all stores in November and December, and you will eliminate a ton of stress and self-imposed time crunches. Think you will miss the great deals? Do your holiday shopping in January and February. They are often just as good, if not better, than the holiday sales themselves! Buy things “off-season” and you will save money, time, and lots of energy.

3. Write down three things everyday that you will get done no matter what happens. Make them simple things: a quick phone call, a response to an e-mail, paying that bill. Get in the habit of accomplishing things every day. Develop the habit of checking all of those little things off of your to-do list early and often, and you will find you have a lot more time for the big things you want to accomplish.

HERE ARE 2 more ways to find lost time every week, including discovering the “magic 10 minutes?”

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