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May 5, 2014

Today…Make Things More Simple

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Have you ever walked into a library and been so overwhelmed by the amount of information and resources surrounding you that you froze, turned around, and walked out? Not only that, but you made a point to bring it up anytime someone mentioned the subject of libraries by stating that you would never step foot in one again because of the massive overload.

Think about this for a moment…

Typing some words into Google and opening an old card-catalog are exactly the same things. With the card-catalog, you pass thousands of other cards (all with information on them) while you are searching for the one card you want. AHA (as we say in personal development)! SO… what you are saying is that if I know what it is I am searching for (I call that Clarity), I can easily find it without getting distracted by the excessive information I am passing along the way? Exactly!

We spend a lifetime making things more difficult than they really are. Here is a quick tip that will change your perspective in an instant… the next time you find yourself “overwhelmed with information,” simply ask yourself this question: “what am I searching for?” Then, go find it. Do not ever let a misconception stop you from accomplishing something. It’s that simple.

Get Clarity. Get Moving. Get Results.

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