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March 24, 2014

Today…Identify Your ‘Blinker’

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Why do you have answers to everyone else’s dilemmas, but when you look in the mirror, you are often at a loss? Welcome to “Blinker Syndrome.”

Have you ever noticed that you can see faults in others, answers to their dilemmas, and honestly believe that you know exactly what they should be doing with their lives? Sometimes, you can see all that even while your life is falling apart. Ever wonder why? It is because you have fallen victim to “blinker syndrome.”

What exactly is “Blinker Syndrome?”

Picture it: your home town, sometime in the last few days. You were driving down the street when you realized that the car in front of you has its left blinker on. After passing several side streets, you realize that the driver is not going to be turning. He simply does not realize that his blinker is on. You, however, are very aware that his blinker is on. As a matter fact, you begin to focus on the blinker. As you pass several more driveways and cross streets, the blinker begins to irritate you. It irritates you to the point of you feeling the need to say something. Typically, what comes out is an arguably intelligent comment such as, “turn your stupid blinker off, you dork!” You do not merely say the words, though. You actually shout them. This goes on for as long as the person is in front of you.

So, what does this have to do with personal development? Everything!

You see, when a person has her blinker on, everyone around them can see it clearly. The only person who cannot see the blinker is the person driving. In other words, we can see everyone else’s blinkers all day long. Not only that, but we often feel compelled to comment on them saying things such as, “what is he thinking?” or “why would she do that, is she crazy?” It leads us to falsely believe that we know what everyone else should be doing, because THEY do not know what they should be doing and, of course, they are always doing the wrong thing!

What is the problem with that?

You spend more time and energy focusing on everything outside of yourself and very little time learning about improving you. If you are looking for answers outside of yourself, do not expect to find many.

What action step can I take to take my energy back?

Without awareness, it is difficult to change anything. Take time to stop on a daily basis and look for your blinkers… it will take moments. Once you have awareness, you have the ability, and often the motivation, to shift quickly. If you honestly cannot see your blinkers, ask someone else. They will always be happy to point them out.

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results.

Professionally, Robin Sacks is an award-winning journalist, award-winning playwright, author, speaker and motivator. Personally she is a mom, wife, and friend.

Through keynotes, workshops, and articles, she provides a simple, creative, and humorous bent on Stress Management and Motivation. Robin provides tools and thinking which allow you to get out of your own way and succeed beginning the moment you walk out the door (or your eyes leave the page!).

Her clients range from individuals to Girl Scout Troops to Fortune 100 companies.

Robin’s philosophy is beyond simple:
You are over-thinking everything!
Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results!

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