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February 6, 2014

Today…3 Steps to Being Aware of Your Number 1 Self-Destuctive Action (and reversing it!)

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Your subconscious mind believes everything you tell it, true or false.  If anyone ever talked to us the way we talk to ourselves…there would probably be a fight!  Chances are, you are not very forgiving of yourself; you are probably harder on yourself than on anyone else in your life.  Today, drop the front!  If something does not go just right, catch yourself talking negatively in your head and follow these 3 steps:

1. Simply acknowledge it (“well, that’s not what I wanted to do.”)

2. STOP and ask yourself what you want/need to do instead (it takes SO much less time and energy to do this than it does to OVER-REACT to something that you can change in that very moment)

3.  DO IT

This simple 3 step process can be used anywhere, at any time.  If you do it just a couple of times…you will never turn back.

You’re welcome 😉

Now go have a productive, meaningful, and enjoyable day.

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