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December 13, 2013

Day 19 – How to “Get Out of Your Own Way” Today

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Stop Thinking!

“Wandering Brain Syndrome” (WBS) is the number 1 cause of stress in our modern lives.  It is mind-boggling how we can have a pebble and convince ourselves that it is a boulder within seconds.  WBS is created when we ask that dreaded question, “what if?”  When we do that, we immediately default to all of the negative things that could possibly (or not really) happen.  That causes immediate paralysis.  It is like water going down a drain…it starts slowly and then goes faster and faster and faster!

First, catch yourself doing this.  Awareness is the key.  You cannot alter a familiar habit unless you know you are doing it!  When you catch yourself “spiraling down the drain,” imagine yourself holding up a stop sign and literally think to yourself “STOP!”  “Flip the Switch” from thinking to doing.  Our auto-pilot is to find 14 reasons why something will not work.  Reality is that you only need 1 reason why it might work.  Finding 1 reason is a lot less stressful than finding 14!  ANSWER the question, “what if?”  Notice that we ask that question all the time, but rarely if ever answer it.  SO, what if it doesn’t work?  The answer is often simple; I do something different.  When we learn to focus on the answer to the question instead of the empty fear, we are in control and can take action.

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