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March 25, 2011

“Get Off My Bus” Tip #25

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De-clutter your surroundings!

After the death of an elderly relative, seeing a family go through a house and personal belongings makes you realize that there are things that meant so much to people a couple of generations ago that have little or no meaning to a more current generation. Things like china and “the good silver” mean nothing to my generation. It is nice to have something that belonged to my grandmother or grandfather or someone who meant something to me, but it is more important to me to keep the memories and “ditch the stuff.” If you are keeping things for the wrong reasons (for example, “I can’t throw that out, it was my grandmother’s” instead of “that is important to me because there is a wonderful memory about my grandmother attached to it”), then it is festering. Deep down, that stuff is a burden to you and to the memory of someone you loved. The memories are important, the basement full of “stuff” you will never use is not. Imagine if you could get some of that “stuff” in to the hands of someone who could create their own important memories with it. That is empowering.

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