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March 23, 2011

“Get Off My Bus” Tip #23

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When the unexpected happens, drop the drama.

Go with the flow! Do not dwell on things if the plan changes. Find the humor in it and just keep moving. Enjoy the journey!

You have most likely seen the saying “Live…Laugh…Love.” I would like to add one thing to that – “Live…Laugh…Love…and Let it Go!” What I call “Columbo Days,” when there is always “just one more thing,” happen not because we are disorganized, not because we are forgetful, but rather because we have created a bunch of stress for ourselves that is totally unnecessary. It is that self-imposed stress which causes us to stop paying attention to very simple things and spend the day running around in circles feeling out of control instead of simply getting the task done.
The moments when you feel out of control are often your greatest opportunities to take control…you just have to stop complaining long enough to see that!

Taking control is fun and empowering and so much less exhausting than what many people currently do. So Live, Laugh, Love and Let it Go.

Until tomorrow…
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