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March 15, 2011

“Get Off My Bus” Tip #15

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Welcome to the (almost) half-way point! All through the month of Motivational March, author and speaker, Robin J. Sacks, is sharing 31 free tips (one each day) from her newest self-help book, Get Off My Bus: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver’s Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life! Welcome to getting inspired!


Develop a great working relationship with your stress!

That’s right. We live in a stressful society. Stress is not ever going to completely go away. That is why we term it “stress management” and not “stress elimination!” SO…what can you do about that?
You can pretty much guarantee that a good deal of your stress comes from trying to fit something in where it is not going to go. In other words, you are trying to make something what it is not. That may be a person, a job, or any number of obligations you feel you have. You can also pretty much guarantee that a good deal of your energy comes from finding a good fit somewhere.
If you start to “flip the switch,” you understand that stress is imperative for anything getting done in our lives. Think about it, if we did not have deadlines would anything get done? Rarely! If we are given the chance to procrastinate on everything, very few things would ever be accomplished.
Stress makes things happen! Learn to use it wisely.

Until tomorrow…
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