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March 12, 2011

“Get off My Bus” Tip #12

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So…what is it like to “get out of your own way” occasionally? How about taking your oxygen first? When you start to implement small shifts into your life, you begin to realize large impacts. Keep it up!


Define “success.”

Not what you think it is supposed to mean…what it actually means to YOU. This may take a couple of minutes, so do not rush yourself into an answer. Let us say, for the sake of this discussion, “success” is defined as having something you want to accomplish and taking the action necessary to see it to fruition. Beyond that, we will not put any labels on it (i.e. money, title, health, personal development, etc.). With that simple definition (because that is really all success is), why does it elude so many people? Let me offer 3 simple reasons.

1. You Lack Clarity…if you do not know what it is you want to do or why you want to do it, how do you ever expect to accomplish it?

2. You Talk Yourself Out of It…all too often, we have a great idea, we get excited about it, we say “yes!”…and then…we find every reason or excuse why it will NOT work. We default to the negative and spiral into “what if” mode. Once you are there, do not expect to find an easy escape. It is a black hole.

3. You Do Not Take Action…if you have clarity, and you get excited about it, DO SOMETHING! Once you catch a glimpse of the bigger picture and like what you see, find step #1. Then…DO step #1. Knowledge without action is useless, but taking the first step often is all you need to set success in motion.

Comedian Bill Cosby once said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” When you find what gives YOU energy…when you find what gives YOU the ability to make a difference…when you find YOUR passion…and you DO something about it…you have found your success. Congratulations!

Until tomorrow!
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