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March 8, 2011

“Get Off My Bus” Tip #8

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Good morning and welcome to the 8th of March and “Get Off My Bus” tip #8! Let’s get to it…

If you are on an airplane and the cabin pressure changes and the oxygen masks fall from the overhead console, what do they tell you to do? Put your mask on first, then help others with theirs. Why? Simple. If you do for everyone else but do not take care of yourself, you pass out. Then, you are of NO help to anyone. You actually are now a burden on the very people you wanted to help! If you put your mask on first, you can help others all day long.

Hmmm. So let’s equate that to real life. You cannot take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. Why do we do so little to take care of ourselves while trying to convince ourselves that we are always doing things for others? And are those things we are doing for others really the important things?

There are certain things to NOT take for granted! Not everything is worth spending a lot of time and energy on. But with some things, it is imperative you spend some time and energy on!

Put YOUR mask on first.

This is really about choosing to not being ignorant. We are so convinced sometimes that “everyone is try to sell us something” and that nobody has our best interest at heart. Want to make your life a lot less stressful? Take off your blinders! This is a harsh reality, but no one is going to take care of you. Not the government. Not your company. Not family and friends. And they should not have to! You are truly lucky if you have people on your life who will always be there for you and who would take care of you should you need help. But how selfish of you if you have never thought about them. Not that you would not do the same for them (maybe you would), but by NOT taking care of YOURSELF, you have become a burden on someone else (whom you love dearly). For every moment they are helping you, they are missing that time in their own life. How fair is that? If you have ever witnessed or experienced a situation like that, you know how different it is to say “of course I will take care of him/her” and actually doing it.

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