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March 6, 2011

“Get Off My Bus!” Tip #6

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Good morning! Now that you are “tuning-out” a bit more, you are becoming less overwhelmed with the abundant negativity that too many people allow themselves to be surrounded with every day! Congratulations!

For today’s tip, we build on something we talked about in tip#1…control. In you life, there are only 2 things you need to know about control: there are things over which you have zero control and there are things over which you have virtually total control. Most people CHOOSE to focus on those things over which they have no control (weather, traffic, other people, the stock market, etc.). That focus creates stress. Remember, life is not so much about what happens to you…life is all about how you choose to respond to what happens to you. Your reactions, not the situation at hand, often dictate whether you are in control or not.

Is your memory sufficiently jogged? Great! The challenge is that our society creates a negative bent on things (i.e. mass media news), so OUR defaults become defaults of negativity. Because of this, whenever something happens, we immediately think of all the roadblocks. That is where our minds go first. We go straight to the, “YES! BUT……” We get excited about something and then right away start to think of all the reasons why it will NOT work. Think about it…how often do you say or think things such as, “I have no time, I have no money, I have no energy, what If it doesn’t work, what will people think, blah, blah, blah.”

In order to halt that defeatist default, you have to replace it with something more productive. Let me offer to you a great way to start!


Make your first question in any situation “what can I control here?” It gives you instant clarity and allows you to take action (or not) quickly and easily. Your time and energy is invested in something much more productive than complaining, creating stress, and accomplishing nothing. It is invested in getting clarity and taking action. Only getting clarity and taking action solves a problem or gets things done. Do not over-think this! When you stop finding 10 reasons why something will NOT work and begin to look for 1 reason why it might work, your focus and your enthusiasm will keep you moving forward!

Until tomorrow…
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