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March 5, 2011

“Get Off My Bus! Tip #5

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Good morning! First things first…were you able to “tune-out” yesterday? It felt great, didn’t it? If you did, you were certainly less stressed and more happy due to the fact that you chose NOT to surround yourself and feed yourself with negativity all day. Tip #5 is an extension of Tip #4’s “tuning-out in a tuned in world.”


Always look at the other side of the story.

As you are acclimating to “tuning-out” more, you will find that it is impossible to completely escape the mass media. You cannot even go into a fast-food restaurant these days without a television set showing some national news network. As you do see or hear reports on the news, ask yourself this one question: what is the “flip-side” of this story?

When you start to realize that “10% unemployment” also means 90% employment, that “a 20% chance of rain” also means an 80% chance of sun, and “partly cloudy” also means partly sunny, you begin to discover the negative bent on all of our received information. Listen with a critical ear and watch with a questioning eye and you will be amazed at how different the information being presented to you really appears.

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