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March 4, 2011

“Get Off My Bus” Tip #4

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Hello to March 4th and tip #4!


“Tune Out” for a Day!

Want to know how to stay positive in a negative world? Limit your participation in the negativity.
It sometimes seems difficult in our society to not get dragged down with all of the negative media that surrounds us day and night. Everything that is reported is black and white and rarely is our news presented in a balanced manner (regardless of what a news station tells you). You can also pretty much guarantee that if it is on the news…it is depressing. I spent several years in the news media industry and phrases such as “if it bleeds, it leads” set the tone. Do not participate!

If you turn off the television and radio and put down the newspaper for a day or two, something extraordinary happens. You realize that you are happy and less stressed! Hmmmm…..when you stop to become aware of how much negativity you are feeding yourself on a daily basis (by choice!), you can begin to find other outlets.

And don’t worry…you are not missing anything that warrants your time and energy! You will see that most of what is reported has zero baring on your life whatsoever. You also will discover that you pretty much KNOW the weather report and do not have to waste your time and energy glued to the meteorologist who is doing the “predicting” for you.

It is only when you tune-out the negativity that you can begin to tune-in to your life!

Until tomorrow…

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