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March 2, 2011

“Get Off My Bus” Tip #2

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Good morning! It’s the second day of March 2011 and the second tip from Author, Robin J. Sacks’ self-help book, “Get Off My Bus.”

Yesterday, you made a conscious decision to react to just one situation differently than your usual, default response. How did it feel? Incredibly good, I bet! Small shifts in your choices have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. It also shows you that you have a lot more control over your life than you often lead yourself to believe.

OK…today, choose one more thing to respond to in a different way than you normally would. When you come in contact with a person who usually “gets you all riled up,” remember that THEY are not making you feel that stress, unease, or discomfort. It is ALL YOU. The way you choose to respond to people, things, and situations completely dictates how you feel. Choose your reactions wisely!

Today’s tip…DO THIS TODAY:
Turn off “auto-pilot” one time today. We go through our lives so unconsciously. We spend entire days “going through the motions” and never getting off of that proverbial hamster wheel. Make a choice to jump off the wheel one time today and be conscious in your life. Examples would be to come home a different way that usual, run errands in a different order that you always do, or choose to take a 5 minutes walk at lunch-time. Just do something DIFFERENT. It is only when you choose to turn off “auto-pilot” that you realize how “routine” you really are.

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