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September 28, 2010

Check Your “Transition” at the Door

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody say “I am in transition” over the past 2 years, I would be writing this article from my beach house on a Hawaiian Island while sipping something bubbly and delightful while choosing which platter of sushi I am going to devour next. Since I have not yet found an actual way to capitalize on that, I am sitting at the desk in my kitchen writing this article while I am eating a Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza. I am OK with that.

The word “transition” needs to transition out of our vocabulary. It has officially joined the ranks of many other once useful and descriptive words, such as “motivated,” “team-player,” and “awesome,” which have become so overused that they have completely lost their definitional meanings.

Here is my issue with this phrase…it is a total downer! I have yet to hear anyone say it with happiness in their voice. Nobody climbs to the top of the mountain and screams, “I am transitional today!” But let’s think about this for a moment. If you are “in transition” that means one of 3 things: you were fired/downsized from your job, you quit your job, or you simply could not stand your job to the point of leaving before you had something else to go to.

My first observation is that 2 of the 3 reasons for being “in transition” are positive. You were stressed enough to make a conscious decision to leave your job or your environment or your boss or your co-workers because NOT having a job became a little bit more desirable than staying where you were. In other words, the pain of not changing became greater than the pain of changing. As any personal development person will tell you, that is about as foundational as it gets. We tell ourselves that change is scary and, therefore, we only change once the pain of not changing is more painful.

My second observation is that the third reason one might find himself “in transition” is typically not a surprise by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, you could see it coming a from a mile away (that was the case in my personal experience). The reality here is that YOU either choose to be proactive or YOU choose to be reactive. In other words, you choose to be in control or you choose to be out of control.

The bottom line? You are in so much more control at this moment than you are telling yourself. It is all a mindset!

Here are 3 ways to go from “I am in transition” to “I am thriving!”

1. If you did not enjoy the work or the company or the co-workers or the culture or the management or the philosophy of where you were working…letting you go was probably the greatest gift that company could have given you! Why are you thinking about running right back to that? (I get it…the answer is the benefits and a paycheck). Look at it this way, you can be broke and miserable or you can be broke and happy. Brian Tracy once said, “you know what J.O.B. stands for? Just over broke.” This is an opportunity to find something you will enjoy more and stress less doing…AND make money doing it! Consider your freedom a gift.

2. If you took the time and energy that you give working for someone else and redirect it into doing something for yourself and your family, what could you do? Again, view this as an opportunity to take a harder look at working for yourself. Everyone is expert enough at something! Find your gift. Then, make a list of ways you can monetize that gift. Never forget that people will always pay you to solve a problem or lessen their pain. Figure out what pain your gift helps to alleviate and start telling people you do that! Put yourself out there and you will start to get people wanting to know more.

3. STOP telling people you are “in transition.” What the heck does that mean anyway? Really now, we are ALL in transition at all times in our lives both personally and professionally. Because of the economic climate over that past 2 years, the phrase has become synonymous with “I am not working.” So, if you say that to people at a networking event, their first thought has to be that they cannot help you and you cannot help them. That pretty much shuts down the conversation, doesn’t it. Find a more humorous way to present it…”I am gainfully unemployed,” “I am self-unemployed,” “I have finally jumped off the cliff,” “I have decided to take a stress-sabbatical.” The way in which you communicate your situation will get you far.

So, go to it! Finding your “gift” should take you mere moments. You know what you enjoy doing and what you do well. If you are having trouble identifying something, go ask some of your friends or family members. They can tell you quickly and easily. Figure out how that can help others and then go put it out there! Remember, what you are choosing to look at as a painful and frustrating change can turn out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. There are tons of people out there with that same story. One moment it felt like the world was ending, the next moment they realized it was exactly the kick in the pants that they needed and there was no turning back.

Get clarity. Get moving. Get results.

Professionally, Robin Sacks is an award-winning journalist, award-winning playwright, speaker, author, coach and motivator. Personally, Robin is a mom, wife, and friend.

Robin specializes in helping people Get Out of Their Own Way!

Her philosophy is simple, Get Clarity…Get Moving…Get Results.

Robin can be reached through her website,

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