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May 27, 2010

When did you stop asking questions?

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When did you stop asking questions? We all did at some point. Every child is born with the irresistible urge to ask “why?” And they do! Incessantly! So, where is the problem? After all, is that not how we learn new things? Of course it is. The problem is not with the child, the problem is with the world that almost immediately starts telling them to “stop asking so many questions” or “sit and be quite” or “just listen.” The problem is with jaded adults who have already lost their imagination and desire to learn “yet another thing.” The problem is that adults are tired of questions. Adults are looking for answers. Answers they rarely find. Why? Because they have stopped asking questions. After all, that is how you learn something new.

When did you stop answering questions? We all did at some point. If you walk into any kindergarten classroom, you see dozens of children not only raising their hands to answer every question asked by a teacher, but you see them energetically thrusting their arms in the air, holding their elbows with the other hand trying to push it as high up as physically possible. Not only are their entire bodies seemingly in the air, but they utter noises to get the teacher’s attention hoping that they would be the one called on. Funny thing is, those kids do not always have the answer to the question. Sometimes, they are not even sure they understand what the teacher is asking. But, that is not the point. The point is they want to participate. No one has yet told them, including themselves, that they should not raise their hand unless they have the answer. No one, including themselves, has told them that they might look foolish or “stupid” if they do not have the right answer. That same child, a few years later, still raises his hand. But now, only when he has the right answer. A few more years later, he does not even raise his hand even though he has the right answer. Why? Because he does not want to look “too smart.” Now, he just buries his head in his desk in hopes that the teacher does not call on him. That same child becomes an adult and at some point stops asking questions and says, “just tell me what to do.” Why? Because at some point, we stopped believing. At some point we decided it was easier to look like everyone else instead of being ourselves. Now, we just want to do what everyone else does so that we can just get our paycheck.

If you are still looking for any answers in your life and have not yet found them…it is most likely because you stopped asking questions at some point. Start asking again. You may be amazed at how close some of your answers really are when you open your eyes again.

Get curious! Get moving! Get results!


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